Southwest Lentil Salad

Southwest Lentil Salad

Our Southwest Lentil Salad is delightfully tasty, full of texture, color, and just plain fun.  The ingredients are extremely healthy, and to be honest, this lentil recipe can be served for lunch or dinner any day of the week.  We even snuck some sweet potato in our southwest salad and hope you like that too.

This southwest salad is a great example of how these little lentils can be so versatile and how a little imagination can go a long way. Brown lentils have a mild earthy flavor and often adapt very well to whatever flavor profile you choose to pair them with. They may not be as naturally sweet as red lentils but we love them in our carrot cake recipe. That is right with a little imagination there isn’t much the brown lentil can’t do. Of course we are in love with lentils for a number or reasons, especially for the nutrition they have to offer. One cup of lentils has 15.6 grams of fiber and 17.9 grams of protein (according to health line).  

This southwest salad is a complete meal all by itself and we just love it! Showing it off at our next potluck will be so much fun!  We hope you will enjoy this terrific lentil recipe.  Even better you can make our basic southwest salad dressing that tops this lentil recipe off and use it for other salads.  If you are looking to add some heat to this salad top it off with sriracha.


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    Marnie on

    Oh yeah. This salad is awesome. I used fresh lemon juice for the dressing. I served with tortillas. Tomorrow the left overs are going into breakfast burritos.

    Palouse Brand on

    Hi Melody, Those are the nutritional facts for one cup of uncooked lentils. However, one cup of cooked lentils is 18 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber.

    Melody on

    Your article claims over 50 grams of protein and fiber per cup of lentils. Can you correct this?

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