chickpea salad sandwich

Simple Chickpea Salad

This simple chickpea salad is a creamy and filling vegetarian lunch idea that we love to whip up!  This chickpea recipe is essentially a tuna-less tuna salad. The crunch of the celery, with the creaminess of chickpea, makes this sandwich a real treat. You can eat this chickpea salad as is or you can serve it between two pieces of your favorite bread and make an outstanding chickpea salad sandwich. We love to serve ours between two pieces of dark rye bread.


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Why do we love chickpeas so much...

There are so many delicious chickpea recipes!! Aside from one of our favorite chickpea recipes hummus, chickpeas can be used to make nutritious salads, tacos, casseroles, and sandwiches.  They pair well with a variety of bold flavors from light and bright citrus honey salads to the deep and savory flavors of chickpea curry.  They are so versatile and a great alternative for meat based meals.  

Are chickpeas healthy? Yes! 

Chickpeas are considered a great source of nutrition. Chickpeas are full of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. While canned chickpeas are a great choice, we prefer dried chickpeas. Dried chickpeas are more cost-effective than canned and are also lower in sodium.  

“Chickpeas are high in dietary fiber, especially a soluble fiber called raffinose. The good bacteria in your gut break this down so your colon can digest it slowly. Studies have found that eating more chickpeas can help make bowel movements easier and more regular. They can help lower cholesterol”***

Can chickpeas be eaten raw? No! 

Raw chickpeas should not be eaten. Chickpeas like all legumes need to be cooked to an internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit to be consumed safely. Canned chickpeas have been cooked to this temperature prior to canning and can be eaten directly from the can. Dried chickpeas should be soaked and cooked to this temperature. 

chickpea salad sandwich

Why you will love this chickpea salad recipe: 

  • Healthy: this is a healthy vegetarian option to traditional tuna salad.  It also can be easily made vegan (see recommendation below). 
  • Quick & Easy: don't we all love quick and easy (and healthy).  Once the beans are cooked or if you have some extra cooked chickpeas, just mix in the couple more ingredients and you have a delicious salad or sandwich. 
  • Add your own twist: we like our version but you can also add in some of your own fun additions, like tomatoes or goat cheese or chives.  This a great recipe to get creative! 
  • Make ahead: this is a great make-ahead recipe, perfect if you are planning to serve it as a part of a big feast, or using it for meal prep. 

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Pamela Barrett on

I just tried this recipe today and it is so good! I substituted green onions for the red ones. It will be a perfect lunch for the next couple days of work.

Laura on

Responding to Brenda Grady. You can click the printer icon right before the ingredients list and print from that. Good luck!

vicki on

did i miss it? what do you do with the 1/4 cup reserved bean juice?

Gabriele Joiner on

I can’t the recipe for the the mayo in your chickpea salad. 🤔

Vicki Roys on

This looks SO yummy! Am going to make it today…..Instant pot my Garbanzos in order to be ready. Love the recipes you share.

Patricia Kalinowski on

There is no instructions or link for the Instant Pot, although it mentions it.

Sara Mader on

This is Sara Mader, owner of Palouse Brand – this is one of my absolute favorite recipes – been making a batch on Sundays and eating it off and on all week for breakfast and lunch. It stays crunchy!!!

Brenda Grady on

Please, consider making all of your recipes in a printable format.

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