Our Easter Brunch Favorites

Our Easter Brunch Favorites

Just in time for Easter brunch we’ve put together a collection of our favorite brunch recipes from some of our favorite foodie chefs and bloggers (with a couple of our own recipes).  These recipes are sure to delight you and your guests.  Whether they tend toward the sweet or savory camp, there’s a little something for everybody in this collection. Pick your favorites and get hopping along to your kitchen.  Also feel free to share some of our favorite brunch recipes in the comments.  Enjoy!  


Let's jump in!! Sweetness. 

1. Favorite Coffee Cake:  This first recipe is one of ours and continues to be one of our favorite coffee cakes.  Sweet, light, buttery and ready for all your holiday guests, special gatherings, or whenever you have a hankering.   Made with our fresh milled flour from hard white wheat berries.Palouse Brand Coffee Cake

2.  Nourished Kitchen Strawberry Tart:  We have fresh strawberries on the brain. This tart, not only is beautiful, but is light, fresh and tasty.  Jennie, author of the Nourished Kitchen, is a therapist, herbalist and the author of three natural food cookbooks.  You'll find nourishing bone broths, simple herbal remedies, and loads of fermented goodness on her site.  Go check it out!!   Also try this recipe with our Multi-Purpose Flour for the perfect crust.  

Nourished Kitchen Strawberry Tart

SAVORY!! Here are some of our fav sav picks.  

3.  Darn Good Veggies 15 min Chickpea Scramble:  Just because it is quick doesn't mean it isn't brunch worthy and delicious.  Bonus: it is vegan and packed full of protein.  Also feel free to customize it with the spices and vegetables you have on hand.  Find more delicious recipes on Darn Good Veggies blog.   Laurel, creator of Darn Good Veggies, self-describes her mission "...is to help people eat their nine servings of fruit & vegetables a day and LOVE it!"  Make sure to use our chickpeas to make this extra delicious... also don't forget you can cook them in your instant pot in 45 mins (no pre-soak necessary).  

Darn Good Veggies Chickpea Scramble

4.  Gimme Some Oven Black Bean Breakfast Tacos:  Okay we have to be honest we haven't tried this specific recipe (but have made others by this author) but it caught our eye.  How fun a breakfast taco! Also those toppings look amazing.  Give it try.  We are going to.  Gimme Some Oven, created by Ali, is full of quick, easy, seasonal, (mostly) healthy, and big on flavor recipes.  Shop our shiny gorgeous black beans. 
Gimme Some Oven Easy Black Bean Breakfast Tacos

Last but not least we are rounding out our favorites with one of our best recipes. 

5.  Simple Chickpea Salad:  The crunch of the celery, with the creaminess of chickpea, makes this sandwich/salad a real treat. You can eat this chickpea salad as is or you can serve it between two pieces of your favorite bread and make an outstanding chickpea salad sandwich.  Sure to delight at any brunch!  

Palouse Brand Chickpea Salad

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