Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe

Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe

 We are really excited about this recipe! Homemade pretzels don’t get much better than this. These homemade pretzels are just plain fun to make and are superbly delicious!

This pretzel recipe is lightly sweetened with honey, brown sugar, or molasses; it is your choice! The flavor comes from our fresh milled hard white or hard red wheat berries, your favorite hefeweizen, and the pretzel’s signature boil. These homemade pretzels are crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on this inside. Once they leave the oven, they won’t last long! But no worries, because they are easy to make!

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This pretzel recipe yields 8-10 large pretzels. The key to this recipe is to really develop the gluten. After kneading, you should be able to pull and stretch the dough quite a bit before it tears. The gluten is vital for the chewy texture of the pretzel and for oven rise! If you would like for the Pretzels to have even greater rise, you can carefully slash the belly of the pretzel with a sharp knife after you apply the egg wash.

Traditional German pretzels are shaped to have fat centers or “bellies” and taper at the ends. When baked, the thicker bellies are soft and chewy while the ends crisp to be more cracker-like. We love shaping our pretzels this way! To us, it is getting the best of both worlds!

Since these pretzels are already enriched with butter, we love serving these with a stone ground mustard. Or, if you really want a treat, try sliding a cooked sausage link through the holes of the pretzel after boiling and proceed with the recipe as written. Oh, my! So good! This recipe is really wonderful and we hope you give it a try!


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