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Hard White Wheat Berries

Hard White Wheat Berries
    • hard white wheat berries
    • Hard White Wheat Berries Non-GMO Kosher Parve Grown in the USA
    • 5 lb burlap bag of Kosher Parve Hard White Wheat Berries
    • Case of 3 bags - 5 LBS each  Hard White Wheat Berries
    • 25 lb poly bag of hard white wheat berries non irradiated
    • 6, 24 ounce bags of hard white wheat for a total of 9 lbs
    • Hard White Wheat Berries
  • Hard White Wheat Berries


    • Non-GMO
    • Our products are certified by the Non-GMO Project. Our family believes each customer has the right to know more about their food. So we partner with organizations to give you the security of knowing what you are eating.

    • Non-Irradiated
    • We do not irradiate our foods - an accepted practice that exposes food to radiation. Since we don't irradiate you can sprout our products with the exception of the Split Peas (once we split the whole pea in half it doesn't sprout). Extra care is required when using irradiated products. Our foods need to be stored in dark cool places.

    • Field Traceable
    • Map the bag of food in your hands to the field in which we grew it! Each product comes with a product code that allows you to trace it back to exactly where we farmed it.

    • Kosher Pareve
    • Annually our farm, farm storage and cleaning facility are thoroughly inspected by Rabbi Jack. The term Kosher Pareve means the food is neither meat nor dairy and Pareve foods may be mixed with either meat or dairy, but not both.

    hard white wheat berries

    About our Hard White Wheat:  

    Hard white wheat or hard white wheat berry is a light-colored wheat berry that is high in protein. Hard white wheat flour has a high protein content and mild flavor that produces luxurious golden-brown baked goods. Hard white wheat flour is great for bread because of its light golden color and for its whole wheat nutrition without the "whole-wheat: look. You can use hard white wheat berries for wheatgrass and in salads. They are non-irradiated and have a high germination rate.  Our hard white wheat berries are typically seeded in April, making it spring wheat. Need bulk wheat berries? The twenty-five-pound bag is just right.  This is also our family's favorite wheat berry for making great sandwich bread.  

    Ordering Bulk Wheat Berries: 

    If you are looking to order bulk wheat berries, you can buy wheat berries direct from our farm. The 25 lb is perfect for bulk bins and food storage. You can also order bulk wheat berries in 50 and 100-pound quantities and receive price breaks. Looking to buy more than 100 lbs of bulk wheat berries, give us an email and we will be glad to help you with your bulk wheat berry order. We offer two sizes for bulk wheat berries 25 lb bags and 2,000 lb totes.

    hard white wheat berry reicpes

    Hard White Wheat Berry Recipes:

    While hard white wheat berries are great for whole wheat flour, we have some great hard white wheat bread recipes. The wheat berry is also great in pizza crusts, cream of wheat and brownies. The hard white wheat berry may just be our personal favorite, but don’t tell the other wheat berries. Its golden color and mildly nutty flavor always delight.  Check out our collection of hard white wheat berry recipes.

    hard white wheat berry recipes

    What Type of Wheat Berry for What?

    If you are not familiar with wheat berries it can be hard to decide what is best to use for what. Not sure what wheat berry is? Check out our guide here. We offer four main kinds of wheat berries, hard red spring, hard red winter, hard white and soft white wheat berries.

    Hard White Wheat Berries vs Soft White Wheat Berries:

    Hard White wheat has a beautiful golden color and mild, nutty flavor. The main difference between the two is protein content. The soft white wheat has an average protein content of around 12%; soft white wheat flour is best suited for recipes that are leavened with baking powder or baking soda. While whole wheat flour made from hard white berries is better suited for recipes leavened with yeast.

    Hard Red Wheat Berries vs Hard White Wheat Berries:

    Whole wheat flour made from hard red wheat berries, gives you that iconic whole wheat taste and color. While whole wheat flour from hard white berries will produce a whole wheat product that almost looks like it was made from processed white flour. Bread made from these whole wheat flours will have more fiber and be slightly denser than bread made from processed flours because they contain the whole bran.

    Hard Red Spring Wheat vs Hard Red Winter Wheat:

    The whole wheat flour from both of these wheat berries will give you the traditional whole wheat flour color, flavor, and nutrition. The main difference between these two wheat berries is the protein content. The hard red spring wheat berry has a protein content of around 14% making it ideal for bread and baked goods leavened with yeast. Whole wheat flour from hard red winter wheat berries has a lower protein content of 11%, and produces more artisan-style bread and can also be used in recipes that are leavened with baking powder and soda.

    When using wheat berries in salads and for purposes not related to flour, you can interchange them easily based on personal preference.  

    Cooking Hard White Wheat Berries:

    Cook wheat berries by simmering one cup of wheat berries in three cups of water for one to two hours or until soft. To make whole wheat flour simply place the dried wheat berries in your mill and grind.  Fresh flour takes just one minute!

    1 cup of wheat berries typically equals 1 1/2 cups of flour. Make sure to measure in weight when using fresh ground flour, because the flour is fresh it can make volume measurements inaccurate. 

    Hard White Wheat Berry Nutrition:

    Regardless of the variety of wheat berries, they are all high in carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamins, and minerals. The protein content can vary depending on the variety but a normal serving ¼ cup of uncooked dried wheat berries provides; 164.5 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6.6 grams of protein and 35.7 grams of carbohydrates. Other nutrients include; 6 grams of dietary fiber and 1 milligram of sodium. Wheat berries are also rich in vitamins B1, B3, and the minerals magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and selenium.

    The contents of hard white wheat berries can help with the simplest aspects of your daily life such as weight management, and maintain regular bowel movements. The makeup of these wheat berries can also help you to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and gives the possibility of reducing the risks of certain cancers.

    hard white wheat berries nutritional facts

    What is trace-ability? 

    Our foods are different because Steve & Kevin Mader plant, harvest, clean and package at our facilities in Washington State - there are few if any companies that can track your food and the details of your food back to the field as we do. Each bag of food comes with a special lot code that allows you to see the dates we planted and harvested your food, pictures of the growing crop and more. All of our products are certified Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Certified and our farming methods are Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance.

    What makes Palouse Brand Products Special? 

    Our food is appealing to our consumers because of its nutrition, aesthetics, and trace-ability to our farm fields. Our cleaning facility was designed for quality not quantity and has cleaned legumes and grains for the international market and domestic consumption. 

    hard white wheat berries

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