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Wheat Berry Chili

Super healthy and terrific chili is what we are making here.  Our easy chili recipe is completely what we call a “do-over” – meaning we love to do it over and over again!

There is always plenty of our wheat berry chili to go around and it freezes well too!  Wheat berry chili may be a new concept to some, but this is a terrific vegan chili recipe that is packed full of deep, deep flavor.  If you have not had the privilege before, we suggest you dive right into this wheat berry chili recipe and make a batch soon.

Cooking with wheat berries is really quite a bit of fun and since they have not been slashed or mashed, they are full of good nutrients because nothing has been stripped away, that is, when you purchase excellent quality wheat berries.

We love the little pop that takes place in our mouths when eating our wheat berries in this chili recipe once they have softened and plumped up.   This wheat berry chili recipe seems to be fueled with an unbeatable full and deep flavor that cannot be beaten.

Our sassy wheat berry chili is spiced up pretty good, but you can easily adjust the seasoning to meet your own tasteful desires.

Whether it is a short day or a long day, our slow cooker recipe for wheat berry chili is certain to satisfy any hunger, especially on a cold day.  In fact, you can totally get prepared by making a couple of batches in advance because you can easily freeze this chili recipe for up to at least three months.

wheat berry chili


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    Patty on

    We made a half-recipe of this Wheat Berry Chili yesterday to try it out, and it turned out great. Cooked it 5 hours on high and 2 or 3 more on low. We love, love, love wheat berries. Thank you for this recipe. It was a little too tomato-y thick for me, so next time I might try using diced canned tomatoes rather than the crushed tomatoes.

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