vegan quiche recipe

Vegan Spinach Quiche Recipe

Jump right into our vegan quiche recipe made with our flavor-filled Pardina Lentils.  You will be amazed at how quickly this easy vegan quiche recipe comes together and how completely satisfying it is in every way!  Our tasty protein filled easy, crustless vegan quiche has passed the family taste test and that’s huge!

You can enjoy this delicious vegetarian meal even if you are not a vegetarian, that’s how good it really is!  We have included the measurements for cheddar cheese as optional for overall variety.

quiche recipe

We know some of you are looking for a vegan tofu quiche recipe, but wait, our little dry legume brings a tremendous amount of health benefits to your table, they are extremely delicious, have a very long shelf life and, can easily become part of your pantry family of blessings.

Let us just list a few of the suggested health benefits these little lentils can bring:  lowering of cholesterol, encouraging a healthy heart, help stabilize blood sugar, contribute to healthy digestion, add good protein,  increase your energy, influence weight loss, and we haven’t even mentioned the vitamins and minerals hiding within these little legumes.

Vegan quiche recipes are not all about the eggs.  In fact, if you are not particularly fond of eggs you won’t even know they are in our vegan lentil recipe.  Try our crustless vegan lentil quiche and let us know what you think.

easy vegan quiche recipe


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    Virginia on

    Looks tasty but Proofreading the recipe would have been most helpful. The onions and mushrooms mentioned in the directions are not in the ingredients. Also the spinach in the ingredients are not in the directions.

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