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Sprouted Lentil and Cabbage Salad

Introducing . . . . sprouted lentils with a new twist!  Our Asian inspired lentil salad is filled with deliciousness, rich protein, and is super easy to make.  We know, you think it is just another lentil salad recipe, but we are here to assure you our lentil salad recipe is much more than that, it is Asian inspired and you are going to love it!!

We wonder how many of us can say we have actually sprouted lentils.  As we think back through our rear view mirrors we have difficulty recalling conversations about sprouting lentils so we thought this would be a fun lentil salad recipe to post and, we show you how to sprout your lentils too.

Our little lentils are completely packed full of flavor, vitamins and other nutrients our bodies can totally embrace.  And, as they say, once you have sprouted a nutrient-filled legume – it’s kind of like releasing a more power packed nutrient load.  Kind of like – more bang for your buck!  That is why we are sharing this lentil salad recipe with you.

Speaking of more bang for your buck, have you ever noticed how economical lentils are?  Have you ever noticed when you eat lentils how your appetite is easily satisfied and you consume less volume?  The actual benefits for those of us who are health conscious should send us right to the kitchen to create this fantastic sprouted lentil salad recipe.  

cold lentil salad recipe


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    CDaley on

    sounds good I like lentils only had brown been wanting to try red, difficult to find.
    Thanks for the recipe. I will need to break it down because there is just me!

    Aria on

    This salad looks colorful,so attractive, My family people love cabbage so much!! I will definitely try this one!! Thanks for the recipe!!

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