green split pea soup with ham

Slow Cooker Green Split Pea Soup with Ham

Our Slow Cookin’ Split Pea Soup is rich, flavorful, and super-duper easy to make.  We like to say, “Where there are quality green split peas, there is wonderfully flavored green split pea soup with ham!”  This particular recipe of ours calls for ham bone or ham hocks (you can cheat and purchase cooked ham chunks if you are in a hurry).  There is nothing that says you can’t turn this delicious recipe into vegan green split pea soup without ham.

There seems to be something magical about slow cooking green split peas; as they break down through the slow cooking process, an extremely rich flavor emerges.  Surprising isn’t it for such a tiny little green legume?

Our green pea split pea soup is naturally thick and creamy. Did you know that these little green split peas are filled with healthy vitamins, minerals, protein and much more?  They truly are special!

Many of us work outside our homes and our Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup recipe is a stress reliever.  This recipe can be easily and partially prepared the evening before when things quiet down and, quickly finished up the next morning.  We can honestly classify our green split pea soup as comfort food, and we all like that.    

We prefer to use vegetable stock when making our green split pea soup which lends to the darkened color of our soup, but chicken stock is just as good in the recipe.

Utterly delightful, and we are certain you will enjoy our recipe just as much as we do!


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    Jackie on

    I am able to save a copy to my computer by selecting the printer and then choosing print to PDF as the means of printing. I then save the file to my recipe file on my computer.

    Susan Baker on

    The split green pea soup is delicious, I love how smooth and creamy it is compared to the ones I have tried that was gritty. Palouse is a brand I will continue to buy in the future.

    Pat Bullock on

    For printing the recipes with a computer, I high light the whole page and then copy it. I open my Word application and paste it to a new document. At that point I delete the large picture ( or shrink them down) and and extra stuff and then print and/or save the recipe. It is a little more trouble for me but formatting a website is quite a bit of work for you!

    Judith on

    You can take a screen shot of “ingredients”and then another of “instructions” and send the photos to printer.

    Phil on

    Great recipe ! I used low sodium veggie broth and 2 smoked ham hocks, SO delicious and creamy! I had good luck copying the recipe and pasting into a word document for printing.

    Karen Jacobs on

    I love your products; they are high quality & reasonably priced. However your recipe presentations are very frustrating. They are very difficult to print out & saving to Pinterest is next to worthless. Please improve your website to include 1 step printing for your recipes. They look delicious but I don’t have the time to copy them by hand in order to use them. Thank you again for the great product.

    Car on

    I agree – it would be nice to be able to print your recipes from your web site

    Teri Carnright on

    I can’t WAIT to try this, as it looks right up my alley! The problem I’m having is I don’t see how to print the recipe! Please let me know how to do this :)

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