Hearty Wheat Berry Bread

Our hearty wheat berry bread is really all about double the flavor, double the fun.  Wait, what is wheat berry bread all about?  Honestly, it is about using flour made from the best quality freshly milled wheat berries, nothing added and nothing taken away, and then kneading some fresh whole wheat berries into your loaves of bread.  We call that a “double”!

Using wheat berries in bread gives your loaf(s) a random, delightful, chewy crunch and an extra burst of flavor.  Who doesn’t like a little extra crunch and burst of flavor?

Our berry wheat bread completely speaks for itself and uses very few ingredients.  That is why we are planning ahead for the company and baking up several loaves in our kitchen.  Our guests are always thrilled to enjoy this recipe for wheat berry bread with us.  You're gonna love it and your guests will too!

wheat berry bread recipe


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    Palouse Brand on

    Hi, Our wheat berry flour is bread flour no converting needed. You could have the recipes to accommodate your bread machine.

    Toni Hatfield on

    How do I convert wheat berry flour into bread flour? Also, I have a bread machine that requires no more than 2 cups of flour. Do you have recipes that can accommodate said requirements? Thanks for your timely response. I’m looking forward to my first recipe using your product.

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