wheat berry salad

Garden Wheat Berry Salad

 When we say unbelievable, we are right on target with our “Unbelievable Wheat Berry Salad!”   We offer encouragement here to make our quick and super easy wheat berry salad because there is absolutely no disappointment with the flavors or textures in our wheat berry salad.

We guarantee every single one of our Non-GMO wheat berries will burst with a complete, rich and wholesome flavor that will send you back to the kitchen for another round!  One of our goals is to “win” you over to the fresh side of creativity in your kitchen by using the very best of the best when it comes to ingredients, starting with superb wheat berries.

Our Unbelievable Wheat Berry Salad boasts an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, protein, vitamin A&C, copper, iron and much more!  This wheat berry salad is wonderful by itself or can be a side dish.  For those who pack a lunch, this salad is fabulous for lunch and will keep you full until dinner.

If you have not experienced cooking with wheat berries before you won’t be disappointed with our plump wheat berries and, there is no need to pre-soak them prior to cooking – that’s how great they are.  Here’s another thought if you are planning your summer garden, why not grow some of the ingredients yourself – an excellent way to cook economically while using super fresh ingredients!

wheat berry salad recipe


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    Dagmar on

    Yes I had the same experience as above.
    I gave my girlfriend a bowl full to take home for her and her husband. She’s always on a diet and didn’t know what a wheat berry is. I told her the truth and figured she might not eat it ( he loves everything I make) to my very pleasant surprise she loved it and wants me to make it for their next bbq!
    Thank you, I’m making more when finished with this bc I really love it!

    Sue Hurley on

    I made this recipe earlier this week. My husband is a meat and potatoes guy and I wasn’t sure if he’d eat the salad. So I made him a boneless chicken breast and gave him a healthy amount of the salad to go with it. He took one bite and said he liked it. After another bite he told me it was delicious. We’ve had it a couple times as a side dish this week and he asked to have it for lunch today and asked that I put in enough so he and his brother could share it for lunch. I just got a call and his brother wants the recipe as well. Thanks for all of the delicious recipes!

    Allyson on

    Could I prepare the wheat berries the night before I want to take this to work for lunch? Or do I need to do it the morning of?

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