Lentil salads recipe

Garden Vegetable and Lentil Salad

Our Garden Vegetable and Lentil Salad is such a pleaser.  Reading the recipe should make you want to head directly into the kitchen to create our recipe for lentil salad.  We guarantee you will enjoy it served up fresh and warm right to your table, or at room temperature which makes it so easy for taking out to share.

We know what you might be saying it goes something like if you have tasted one lentil salad recipe you have tasted them all.  Even though we have heard that before, we don’t believe that to be true.  Each recipe for lentil salad can certainly have a new twist if you use your imagination, right?

Our recipe for lentil salad packs a lot of flavors, a little crunch, and a little punch, depending on your taste and personalization of the lentil salad recipe.  There is such a warmth to our lentil salad recipe once you add the roasted walnuts, we hope you will give them a try, they really are a nice addition.

lentil salad


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