vegan cake recipe

Delectable Vegan Chocolate Cake

Delectable doesn’t even begin to completely describe our vegan cake recipe!  Knowing we all have our own favorite vegan chocolate cake recipes is one thing, but when you make our recipe for a vegan cake and hold nothing back – the result is amazing!  Aren’t you super anxious to celebrate with the best vegan cake recipe you can find - delightfully sinful!

Realizing that vegan cake recipes are not hard to find but the quality of ingredients for our vegan cake recipe is of the utmost importance, beginning right from the start with the flour we use.  So yes, we admit chocolate is our favorite flavor so that is why we are sharing our chocolate vegan cake with you now.

We hope you will be as pleased as we are with the moistness and texture, and as overwhelmed with the outstanding flavor as we are.  Remember, flavor runs deep in the heart of our vegan cake recipe. Do we need to remember that flavor is not all about the chocolate, right?  Let’s see if you can taste the fresh quality of our soft white wheat berries once they are milled into flour.

the best vegan cake


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