whole wheat homemade chocolate chip cookies

Honey Sweetened Chocolate Chip Cookies

The combination of chocolate and honey is way beyond something spectacular in our Chocolate Chip Honey Cookies!  And the flour, oh yes, the flour makes all the difference in the quality of our chocolate chip cookie.  You are going to love everything about them right from the start. 

This is not one of those usual cookie recipes.  Our chocolate chip cookies are outrageous and irresistible. When you are looking for the ideal cookie no matter what the occasion, be assured you can always turn to this melt in your mouth favorite.  If you have a sweet tooth like we do, this is a sure fire fix for that as well.

Ok, so you say, it’s just a chocolate chip cookie, and we say, you are right, however, when you use our delicate, flavorful, fresh milled Palouse Brand flour, you will immediately notice the difference.  Our all purpose flour made from soft white wheat is very good and really does make a difference in the finished cookie recipe.  Sometimes cookies are very cakey and heavy, sometimes they are too buttery and bake flat and a little crispy.  Whatever your preference is, we think you will notice a perfect balance with our ideal chocolate chip cookies.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is extremely easy to make and a batch can be whipped up in no time at all.

For this chocolate chip cookie recipe we have not mentioned substitute ingredients to make it vegan, but it is very easy to make this a vegan recipe by using vegan butter and an egg substitute.  Give it a try, you’re sure to like it.

Since we are getting to the end of our harvest season we thought it might be nice to make a few dozen of these chocolate chip cookies and treat the crew with these delicious chocolate chip cookies this afternoon.  Guess what their new “buzz” phrase of, the day is . . . “awesome chocolate chip cookies”!

We were so happy to deliver a treat for all those hard working souls.  Not every crew member gets to eat something in a recipe they have planted, tended to, harvested and hauled, like our soft white wheat flour.  We think they are gaining a new appreciation for those wheat berries in their cookies, what do you think?

homemade chocolate chip cookies


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