garbanzo bean recipes

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

If you have not experienced a chickpea sandwich filling before you are in for a real treat!  Our amazing garbanzo beans combined with the remaining ingredients provide a very versatile sandwich filling that is completely vegan and extra yummy too!

You will be surprised as to just how quickly this garbanzo bean recipe can come together for that last minute picnic or when company knocks on your door.

garbanzo bean recipes

Did you know that you can totally prepare garbanzo beans in advance and freeze them?  We are huge fans of always having prepared garbanzo beans in our freezer for either the planned or the unplanned moments in life.

There are many evenings when we clean up the dinner dishes and drop some garbanzo beans in water to soak overnight so we can boil them, cool them and freeze them the next day.  This preparation literally diminishes all the prep work and lets you concentrate on garbanzo bean recipes when you are ready to. But wait, there is more. If you want to take your sandwiches to the next level you should try our recipe for homemade sandwich bread! Our Chickpea Salad Sandwich Filling is more than just for sandwiches even though this garbanzo bean recipe calls for sandwich style serving. This garbanzo bean recipe can double as hors d'oeuvres for the next party you throw or attend.  Because of the excellent flavor you create with this recipe, you can enjoy it on crackers, pita chips, or your favorite “crunchy” finger food or, try it as a topping for your next green salad.  This chickpea salad sandwich filling is calling your name!


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    Wanda Winker on

    I’ve made this twice and it goes quickly. Love to have on hand for a quick sandwich or lettuce wrap. I cooked my garbanzos in my instant pot with veggie broth. Thanks for the recipe!!

    Diane Jepperson on

    Looks delish!

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