whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Lentils

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is outstanding. These cookies never last more than a day after baking, even if there are only two people in the house and they are constantly requested in the office. We love these cookies because of the use lentils and our multi-purpose whole wheat flour. While that makes them a little healthier they are definitely still a tasty treat. The lentils add to the moisture and chewiness of the cookie and the whole wheat flour provides a beautiful texture and color to the cookie recipe. This really is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

This recipe uses brown lentils and if you are unfamiliar with how to cook lentils we recommend using this guide. Brown lentils are one of the quickest and easiest legumes to use, they are no soak and cook in 30 minutes. While the lentils are important in this recipe so is using two kinds of sugar. The white and brown sugar split provides excellent depth of flavor in these cookies. The other step that seems like an over complication of a simple recipe is the mix of chocolate chips. Along with the sugar split, you can't use just one kind of chocolate chip and expect jaw-dropping results. This chocolate chip cookie recipe uses three kinds of chocolate chips for a good reason and we promise the result is worth effort!

If you mill your own flour we recommend using the soft white wheat berry for this recipe. The sweet, nutty flavor and lower protein content make this the perfect recipe for that wheat berry. If you have never tried fresh milled flour and don’t want to commit to buying a mill and wheat berries just yet - you can try our fresh milled flour. It is milled the day you order it. If none of the option appeal to you, simple all-purpose flour will work in this recipe.

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    Guadalupe on

    Thebkentils is that 1/3 dried and cooked or 1/3 cooked?

    Guadalupe on

    Is it 1/3 cup after cooking.

    Sherry on

    Seems like these are waaay heavy on the sugars.
    Is it a typo 2.5 cups of choc chips?
    Plus 1.5 cups of sugars?
    That’s more than the flour and lentils.
    I wanted to try it but I think too sweet and not much lentils.
    Thanks for the idea though. I have lots of lentils and am always looking for ideas.

    Palouse Brand on

    Hi, Garbanzo bean flour is a great substitute for eggs, use 1/4 cup garbanzo bean flour and 1/4 cup liquid.

    Anshul on

    What can I substitute for eggs?

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