Avocado Hummus

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Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 26, 2017

How about getting “hooked up” with our over-the-top, avocado hummus recipe made completely from scratch?  Smooth and creamy is what we have to boast about here.  All you have to do is choose the best avocado from the produce department of your favorite grocery store and you will be talking about your delicious Unashamed Avocado Hummus!

Our Unashamed Avocado Hummus has beautiful gentle color, a very smooth texture and a subtle earthiness to it. YUM!

We just love our hummus packs!  Making homemade hummus with the very best garbanzo beans and ingredients has never been better.  Our hummus recipe just got really simple, and once you try it, we know you will agree it is the only way to go from here on out.

As each season rolls around don’t you get the urge to try new recipes that are super yummy, healthy and exciting.  You can purchase hummus and guacamole in the store, but what if we told you our avocado hummus recipe just might do the trick?  We actually mean, try substituting it for guacamole.  Serve it as a healthy snack with your favorite veggie or pita chips.  Try it on top of those perfect enchiladas you like to make. Or, how about making our avocado hummus recipe as the perfect complement your favorite hors d’oeuvrs?

Cooking chickpeas aka garbanzo beans are super easy! Our Bare Hummus Garbanzo Bean Pack recipe can be made ahead of time so you never run out. The Pack contains enough ingredients for eight (8) batches of hummus.  Our Packs have everything you need including the instructions, and all you will be adding is olive oil (we use extra-virgin), and water from your kitchen.  Then if you want flavor like this recipe, just add the ingredients.

We like to soak our garbanzo beans overnight and cook them in the morning while we are making and eating breakfast.  That way we are one step ahead for the next day.

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Avocado Hummus Recipe

prep_time 45 min
total_time 55 min
ingredients_number 5
servings_number 10
  • 3 cups water 
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • Pinch of Kosher salt
  • 1 large avocado
  • 1 Palouse Brand Bare Hummus Kit
                     From the Hummus Kit You Will Need:
          • 3/4 cup Dried Garbanzo Beans 
          • 1 3/4 tbsp. Sesame Seeds
          • 1 1/2 tsp. Seasoning
                        1. Overnight soak garbanzo beans from the kit. 
                        2. Rinse and discard water, place beans in a pot, cover with 3 cups of water and bring to boil for 45 to 60 minutes until done. 
                        3. Drain and set aside cooking water, rinse under cold water for 2 minutes (For extra creamy hummus see tip).
                        4. Put sesame seeds and olive oil in your food processor and blend.
                        5. Add cooled beans and seasoning and blend in your food processor, gradually add some of the reserved cooking water until hummus is at desired creaminess. 
                        6. Add remaining ingredients to the food processor and process until desired consistency is obtained.

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