Kidney Beans | 25 LB

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Kidney Beans | 25 LB

Kidney Beans | 25 LB

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Bulk Clear Creek Kidney Beans are sourced from a Pacific Northwest farm in order to provide our customers with high quality sustainably grown products. 

Clear Creek Light Red Kidney Beans show varying shades of red and have a deep nutty flavor. Dried kidney beans are easily cooked and can be done in less than an hour with 5-8 hours of pre-soaking and hold their shape very well after being cooked. Kidney beans are the perfect base in a variety of recipes including soups, salads, casseroles, tacos and more.


How to Cook Kidney Beans

1 Cup Dry Kidney Beans

Water as needed

Rinse the kidney beans. Place in a bowl and cover with water, soak for 6 hours.

Add 5 cups of water to a pot and bring to a rolling boil. Drain the soaked beans and add to boiling water. Simmer for 45-60 minutes or until desired tenderness. Drain well.

How to Sprout Kidney Beans

Rinse beans in cold water, then drain a total of three times. Transfer drained beans to a 1 quart glass jar and cover beans with cold water. Cover the jar with a paper towel and secure with a rubber band then let sit 12 hours.

Clear Creek Foods

As a family we have loved providing you foods grown on our farm through Palouse Brand. Over the years you have asked us to expand our product line and to search for locally sourced farm foods. Clear Creek, by Palouse Brand is our answer.

Our family has partnered with neighbors to bring the highest quality, sustainably grown food to your family and friends. Clear Creek Foods are grown in some of the richest soils in the world that produce a fresh taste and texture that is as unique as the farm in which it was grown. We hope you enjoy Clear Creek as much as you have Palouse Brand.

We are so happy to bring the colors and flavors of the Pacific Northwest to your table.