Garbanzo Chickpea Nuggets

Garbanzo Bean Nugget Casserole

Did the recipe title catch you a little off-guard – are you wondering what a Garbanzo Bean Nugget Casserole is?  Great, we have now caught your eye and are going to introduce you to a very fun and healthy casserole recipe made with our garbanzo beans.  And yes, it is fun to make the tots with garbanzo beans!  In fact, we have added just the Baked Tot recipe for you as well. Our Garbanzo Tot Bake is a replacement for traditional tater tots which, by the way, are widely recognized by their crispness and cylindrical shape and, originated in the United States of America.  We collectively said, “no more tater tot casserole for us”.  We are going to make our own garbanzo bean tots.

We would like to think that tater tot casseroles are slightly outdated now and our since we raise super Garbanzo beans that pack way more health punch than potatoes, and we decided to have some fun and actually make our own casserole recipe.  We know you are going to love it too!

Or just make the Baked Tots.  There are great for dipping appetizers and snacks!


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    Darlene on

    I can garbanzo (and other) beans so I can have them whenever I want! 1/2 cup beans to a pint jar with a 1/2 tsp of salt. Add water and leave 1" headspace and put on lids and bands. For quarts, use 1 cup beans and 1 tsp salt. Process pints for 75 minutes at 10 pounds pressure, quarts for 90 minutes at 10 pounds. Super easy, and you have beans all ready to go whenever you want! We eat a lot more beans when I don’t have to worry about soaking them and cooking them every time I want beans.

    Betsy on

    I tried making the nuggets today. They’re easy to make and are a delicious vegetarian snack.

    Amber on

    Thank you for healthy “LAST DAYS” recipes sustainable health.

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