Green Split Peas | 3 LB

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Palouse Brand Green Split Peas, 3 pounds,  Non-GMO split peas,  Washington grown
Palouse Brand Green Split Peas, 3 pounds,  Non-GMO split peas,  Washington grown
Green Split Pea Nutrition,  Split Pea Protein
Palouse Brand Green Split Peas, 3 pounds,  Non-GMO split peas,  Washington grown
Palouse Brand Green Split Peas, 3 pounds,  Non-GMO split peas,  Washington grown
Green Split Pea Nutrition,  Split Pea Protein

Green Split Peas | 3 LB

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Palouse Brand’s heirloom variety of Green Split Peas are smooth, dark green, and packed with the flavors of the rich Pacific Northwest soil. Our 3 pound bags are 100% cotton, plant-based and reusable, even the ink used on the bags is water based and environmentally friendly. 

Our split peas are by far the most popular variety among households and increasingly hard to find in the market. When you open a bag of our split peas, you’ll see uniformity in size, a beautiful dark green color, and a brilliant shine created by our cleaning process, which polishes the peas with steam. Nostalgia filled aromas will consume your home when cooking the ever classic and most popular split pea soup.


Featured Recipe: Green Split Pea Soup

Our green split pea soup recipe was given to us by a dear friend when we launched Palouse Brand many years ago. This green split pea soup is our favorite for its simplicity and delicious flavor.

How to Cook Split Peas

Split pea cooking time is 25-35 minutes on the stove at medium-high heat, without soaking. Split peas do absorb a lot of liquid when cooking, for best results use 2 cups of liquid for every cup of split peas.

More Split Pea Recipes

Find more nutritious split pea recipes for quick and easy meals, along with more vegan, vegetarian and meat options.

Green Split Pea Field Map

Date seeded: 4/27/2021
Date harvested: 8/7/2021
Rainfall: 16.32
The 2021 drought is on record as the most severe drought on the Palouse since 1977. Our green split pea yields have taken a hit as a result, however, we are pleased to be able to continue to ship our beautiful green split peas to your doorstep.

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Grown with you in mind

Palouse Brand is a 5th generation, family-owned and vertically integrated farm that grows, cleans, processes, packages and ships premium legumes and grains directly to consumers. We grow our own products in Eastern Washington and provide information like field location, crop photos and harvest dates. We work hard to include our customers in every aspect of our farm to table process.

Beyond our passion for farming, we value helping people live healthier. We strive to support our customers’ pursuit of health by providing premium nutrient-rich products, transparency, recipes, guides, and five star customer service.

Starts in the field

Tyler has worked on the farm since 2007 and in 2015 graduated from Lewis Clark State College with an /A.A.S. in Welding. He and his wife met while attending Pullman High School. Like so many families, they have struggled with infertility and we are so happy to announce they welcomed their first child, a baby girl born between pea and garb harvest in September 2021.

Tyler has had a love of farming since he was a small child and every year looks forward to the harvest season when he gets to do just about everything from fixing equipment to driving truck. In the spring he enjoys tending to the crops to make sure they continue to grow into the quality products you put on your table.

Packaged for you

Mariela has been working to package your wheat berries and legumes since the Spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic was in its first full swing and Palouse Brand was experiencing a large surge of orders. After being hired, her favorite moment was in late March of 2020 when she fulfilled 1,134 twenty-five pound bag orders by herself in one shift.

She loves the flexibility that her job provides on weekends and holidays so that she is able to travel and visit family more easily. Mariela will tell you herself that she appreciates having the security of health and dental insurance, and retirement savings plan and that she thrives working in a female empowered environment.