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Lentil BBQ Sandwiches

These Lentil BBQ Sandwiches are a great protein filled vegetarian lentil recipe. It’s a great marriage between your average Sloppy Joe sandwich and a Pulled Pork Sandwich. This is a quick, simple and delicious meal that is definitely one of our go-to’s in the Fall especially with football season and tailgating. Start to finish, Lentil BBQ Sandwiches take just 30-45 minutes and it’s easy to cater to your audience by changing your BBQ sauce flavor, making it a great lentil recipe for kids. 

Cooking lentils is incredibly easy. They cook in just 15-20 minutes in a rolling boil. Brown lentils are an excellent source of protein and can serve as a protein replacement in many different meals. Not only is this meal plant based but it’s also rich in fiber, folate and potassium thanks to the lentils. Lentils are a great choice for heart health and managing blood pressure and cholesterol.