lentil recipe

Lentil Praline Ice Cream

 So absolutely, unbelievably delicious, that we need to be selling our homemade ice cream to the highest bidder, right here, right now; but instead, we are very happy to share!  Lentils are simply amazing, and we love sharing lentil recipes with you just like this one.  You will find this recipe for homemade ice cream incredibly rich and creamy, and then when you add the dulche de leche (caramel), you will simply “flip” over this homemade ice cream.  Adding our slightly crunchy lentil pralines in this recipe for ice cream makes it extra yummy!  Talk about falling in love at first taste! Seriously pralined lentils - best treat we have tasted maybe ever!

Our homemade ice cream recipe does take a little extra time to make, but don’t shy away, because when broken down you really are not in the kitchen very long. Our homemade ice cream is a no churn recipe for ice cream!  This amazing lentil ice cream goes right in your freezer when you finish and can be served up in a matter of about 6 hours. Making it ahead a couple days is the best!  Or better yet, our Lentil Praline Ice Cream could be a freezer “go to” so you are prepared when guests arrive. We think our ice cream recipe is truly amazing.  So, come on you ice cream lovers, it’s time to have more fun with lentils by making our recipe for ice cream!

You can make our homemade ice cream recipe all in one day, or feel free to take our suggestion and break it down into a 2 day process.  We actually think it works better that way but we will leave that up to you.