Our Recommendations for the Best Grain Mills:

Freshly milled grains are a delicious way to add nutrition and flavor to your baking. You can enjoy the natural texture of whole grains without sacrificing convenience with a mill at your own at home.  We have used a variety of mills here at Palouse Brand but have really fallen in love with NutriMill Grain Mills.  They offer two options: 

Classic Mill 

We love the Classic Mill by Nutrimill: 

    • Self contained & easy to use
    • Mills quickly
    • Makes the finest flour
    • Can mill all of our products if you are looking for fresh chickpea flour
    • Budget-friendly

Buy here: NutriMill Classic Grain Mill

Harvest Mill  

We love the Harvest Mill by Nutrimill: 

    • Lots of beautiful color options to choose from
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly
    • Also makes the finest flour
    • Great for small batch flour milling or immediate use

Buy here: NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill

(we are an affiliate of NutriMill but truly only recommend things we love)