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Lemon & Garlic Hummus Recipe

 This creamy hummus is the bomb for flavor and festive in its own way!  We dare you to not turn away from this recipe simply because of the name. We guarantee this will become one of your favorite hummus recipes. This delicious hummus is sure to grab your taste buds in a very refreshing way. Its flavors meld together the two distinct flavors of lemon and garlic and wow do they complement each other.  There seems to be an element of surprise with this tasty hummus that we had not quite experienced before.

Here is what we witnessed when this amazing hummus recipe is served to our guests. After the first bite, they can't stay out of the bowl! Our guests are surprised at the tantalizing flavor, and positive comments start to roll. Our guests always come back to get more “Lemonizing Garlic Hummus”. There seems to be something magnetic about the melded flavors.   

Let’s talk about what this healthy hummus has to offer besides the outstanding taste and texture.  Did you know that our smooth, healthy hummus is said to be packed with Vitamin A, C, E, K, several B Vitamins, various important minerals, good protein, and good carbohydrates?  These little garbanzo beans are literally packed with powerful benefits.  That’s a “score” in our book!

Hummus can be made ahead of time and frozen, saving you precious time and energy for those last minute occasions when you want to serve Lemon & Garlic Hummus.  Adding flavors is easy, serving this hummus up is a bit rewarding.  Try it, you will really like it.

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