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Veterans Day Sale Hummus Recipe Kits

Veterans Day Sale Hummus Recipe Kits




What is Hummus? 

Hummus is a garbanzo bean based dip or spread, that can be a variety of different flavors, perfect for your next party, family gathering or Tuesday! It pairs wonderfully with your average veggie or fruit tray, pita chips, or as a spread on your favorite sandwich. Traditionally a Middle Eastern delight, hummus has become increasingly popular across the globe and is a delicious healthy snack to get addicted to!  

About our Hummus Recipe Kits: 

Hummus can be a pricey snack to enjoy, but not anymore! You can compare our exquisite finished hummus at $0.16/ounce in our large hummus kit to finished grocery store brands that average a price of over $0.45/ounce. Our large 3-pound scrumptious hummus recipe kits make a total of 120 ounces of hummus while our single recipe kits make 30 ounces of hummus! Each kit contains one of our handcrafted hummus recipes, Garlic & Herb, Mediterranean or our Bare Hummus Kit; the only ingredients you need to add from your kitchen are water and oil! In our hummus kits, we include our beautifully harvested garbanzo beans, sesame seeds, and the seasoning kit of your selected hummus recipe.

hummus recipes

Can you Freeze Hummus?

Hummus is so easy to freeze which makes it easy to pull out of your freezer at a moment’s notice for that last minute party invite. Our 3-pound hummus kit makes 8 batches of hummus. Freezing our hummus is also great for speeding up any of our best hummus recipes so that all you have to do is add any of the extra ingredients!

      • Bare Hummus: No more searching the internet for a plain hummus recipe; although this hummus recipe is anything but plain! The toasted sesame seeds and creamy garbanzo beans shine in this authentic hummus kit. Pair with vegetables, flavored pita chips, warm pita bread or use to make falafel.
      • Mediterranean Hummus: This decadent hummus recipe has a distinctive lemon flavor with hints of cumin and other aromatic spices. This tempting hummus is complimented by its appearance which is lavishly speckled with spices. Pair with vegetables, naked pita chips and pretzels.
      • Garlic and Herb Hummus: If you are looking for a tantalizing hummus recipe, look no further. This mouth-watering hummus is rich in garlic and chives. To make these hummus recipes even creamier peel the garbanzo beans after cooking. Make a great spread for sandwiches and wraps.

    homemade hummus recipe

      Hummus Nutrition:

      How can we say that hummus is a delicious, HEALTHY addition to your diet enough? Besides being incredibly easy to make, (especially with the help of our hummus kits) there’s no way you could ever get bored with it because there are so many different flavors to try and different ways to include it in your staple recipes. Hummus is high in protein, which helps fight off hunger and your craving for that chocolate chip cookie. The garbanzo beans that make up the base of your hummus can also help to lower cholesterol. These things are only the start of the wonderful nutritional benefits that hummus has to offer.

      Our family has been involved in agriculture for five generations growing premium garbanzo beans and now we are excited to share not only our beans with you but also an indulgent way to enjoy them! We invite you to check out our best hummus recipe ideas here on our website.

      Hummus Recipes:

      Our hummus kits produce the best homemade hummus recipe and it is already in three great flavors. Flavored hummus is so delicious though that we went ahead a mixed up our favorite variations of our hummus. We made everything from pumpkin hummus to spinach and artichoke hummus. You won’t believe all the amazing hummus recipes!

      hummus recipes

      hummus recipes

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