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Spread the Love Event

Spread the Love Event


  • Non-GMO
  • Our products are certified by the Non-GMO Project. Our family believes each customer has the right to know more about their food. So we partner with organizations to give you the security of knowing what you are eating.

  • Non-Irradiated
  • We do not irradiate our foods - an accepted practice that exposes food to radiation. Since we don't irradiate you can sprout our products with the exception of the Split Peas (once we split the whole pea in half it doesn't sprout). Extra care is required when using irradiated products. Our foods need to be stored in dark cool places.

  • Field Traceable
  • Map the bag of food in your hands to the field in which we grew it! Each product comes with a product code that allows you to trace it back to exactly where we farmed it.

  • Kosher Pareve
  • Annually our farm, farm storage and cleaning facility are thoroughly inspected by Rabbi Jack. The term Kosher Pareve means the food is neither meat nor dairy and Pareve foods may be mixed with either meat or dairy, but not both.


About the Deal: Regularly a $38.85 Value  

This weekend we are offering a product bundle where you can choose what it is for one low price with FREE SHIPPING! You get nine pounds of our premium legumes and wheat berries for one low price in our fabulous cotton packaging. Pick and choose this bundle to fit your needs. This deal will only last for Valentine's weekend so don't miss out. This is also a great time to share our product with your family and friends. A deal this great doesn't come around very often.  

valentine's recipes

Recipe Ideas for You this Valentine's Day:

Whether you are new to cooking with legumes and wheat berries or just in need of some fresh ideas check out recipe ideas. We have ideas for soups, salads, Holiday sides, bread and more. We made all of our recipes using our products so you can trust that these are proven recipes. 

recipe ideas

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