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X2 Green Split Peas TEST MAP API | 3 LBS

X2 Green Split Peas TEST MAP API | 3 LBS
    • X2 Green Split Peas TEST MAP API | 3 LBS
    • X2 Green Split Peas TEST MAP API | 3 LBS
  • X2 Green Split Peas TEST MAP API | 3 LBS


    • Non-GMO
    • Our products are certified by the Non-GMO Project. Our family believes each customer has the right to know more about their food. So we partner with organizations to give you the security of knowing what you are eating.

    • Non-Irradiated
    • We do not irradiate our foods - an accepted practice that exposes food to radiation. Since we don't irradiate you can sprout our products with the exception of the Split Peas (once we split the whole pea in half it doesn't sprout). Extra care is required when using irradiated products. Our foods need to be stored in dark cool places.

    • Field Traceable
    • Map the bag of food in your hands to the field in which we grew it! Each product comes with a product code that allows you to trace it back to exactly where we farmed it.

    • Kosher Pareve
    • Annually our farm, farm storage and cleaning facility are thoroughly inspected by Rabbi Jack. The term Kosher Pareve means the food is neither meat nor dairy and Pareve foods may be mixed with either meat or dairy, but not both.

    Our heirloom variety of Green Split Peas are smooth, dark green, and packed with the flavors of the rich Pacific Northwest Soil.    

    Our peas are by far the most popular variety among households and increasingly hard to find in the market.  When you open a bag of our split peas, you’ll see uniformity in size, a beautiful dark green color, and a brilliant shine created by our cleaning process, which polishes the peas with steam.  Nostalgia filled aromas will consume your home when cooking the ever classic and most popular  split pea soup.  

    Traced Food



    The Mader family has been farming on the Palouse for 5 generations. As society started exploring health and dietary options the family felt the need to be very transparent about where food was grown how food was grown in addition to being available to answer consumer questions using technology as the platform to connect our farm with your kitchen.



     Tyler has worked on the farm for 16 years. He graduated from Lewis Clark State College with and A.A.S. in Welding in 2015. Tyler and his wife of ten years, Kate, look forward to raising a family in the area. He loves fertilizing and driving truck, with his favorite time of year being harvest. He enjoys that every day is different in his job, and his co-workers who make his job rewarding and fun.


    Mariela has worked packaging your wheat berries and legumes for almost a year. She and her girlfriend of three years, Ruby are looking forward to buying their first house. She loves that her job has very flexible hours and she gets to work with amazing amazing women. Mariela also takes great pride in being a top seller on


    Our harvest runs annually, August and September. These green split peas were seeded May 10, 2020, and Harvested by our combines August 28, 2020. We then ran them through our cleaning facility and split the whole pea.  The google map displays the field where we grew the peas - making this bag of peas field traceable, it goes even further when you now know the family and people who are invested in growing your food.    


    Non GMO Green Split Peas


    Split Pea Nutrition Facts
    Split Pea Nutrition Facts
    Photo of rolling hills of the palouse