Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB

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Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB
Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB
Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB
Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB

Garbanzo Beans | 4 LB

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Palouse Brand Kabuli Sierra Chickpeas are among the most sought after varieties in the world and are grown in some of the most fertile soil in Washington State. Our 4 pound kraft bags of garbanzo beans are resealable, and easy to store in any kitchen. 

Dried chickpeas will double in size when cooked, making them much more cost effective than canned garbanzo beans. Palouse Brand chickpeas are uniform in size and color and are triple cleaned to ensure that the product we are supplying is the highest quality available. Chickpeas have a beautiful round shape, creamy color, and are extremely versatile. Hummus is the best and easiest go-to chickpea snack and can be flavored in so many different ways.


Featured Recipe: Cumin & Thyme Hummus

This new variation adds thyme and cumin for an unexpected twist. Thyme has a sweet, earthy flavor that rounds out the heat and punch of the cumin. We think these extra ingredients take this hummus to the next level and no one will be asking for store-bought hummus again. Enjoy!

How to Cook to Chickpeas

Cover with water and soak chickpeas for 8+ hours. Drain, rinse and add to a pot. Cover with water and cook for up to 45 mins to an hour. If you need a quicker option, see our Instant Pot Method.

More Chickpea Recipes

Find more nutritious chickpea recipes for lunches, satisfying snacks and easy weeknight dinners.

Garbanzo Bean Field Map

Date seeded: 4/17/21
Date harvested: 9/1/21
Rainfall: 16.32

The 2021 crop year has definitely come with its challenges, mainly the most severe drought since 1977. Our chickpeas harvested this fall had lower yields, however their size and color are the same great quality of Palouse Brand garbanzo beans you have come to know.

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Grown with you in mind

Palouse Brand is a 5th generation, family-owned and vertically integrated farm that grows, cleans, processes, packages and ships premium legumes and grains directly to consumers. We grow our own products in Eastern Washington and provide information like field location, crop photos and harvest dates. We work hard to include our customers in every aspect of our farm to table process.

Beyond our passion for farming, we value helping people live healthier. We strive to support our customers’ pursuit of health by providing premium nutrient-rich products, transparency, recipes, guides, and five star customer service.

Starts in the field

Kevin has worked on the farm since early childhood. His earliest memories on the farm are riding with his Dad, Steve, in the combine and being with his Mom and Grandma in the kitchen as they prepared meals for the harvest crew. He graduated from Washington State University in 2000 with a degree in Ag Technology and Management. Kevin married his wife, Sara in 2008 and is raising their family on the farm just as he was.

As a family in 2009 the Maders launched Palouse Brand, our direct-to-consumer small bag line. He loves that farming allows for him to be outside, tending to the fields. He finds immense satisfaction in stewarding the land, bringing crops to fruition and growing foods that consumers can connect with.

Packaged for you

Alyssa has been a part of the Palouse Brand team since 2018. She and her husband have raised their three children on their family homestead. Thanks to the flexibility in her job she is able to spend quality time raising her family, while also being able to live a life of homesteading: raising chickens, goats, gardening, and horseback riding.

Her favorite work memory was during the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, when we were able to provide work for upwards of 75 people who suddenly found themselves unemployed, knowing that we were going to be able to satisfy the employment needs of our community and put food on tables across the U.S. Alyssa started her career in the packaging department and as our business has grown, she has been promoted to Production Manager; she enjoys managing the high level of detail and moving production pieces that produce high quality foods for families like hers.