Sweet and Sour Garbanzo Beans

Sweet and Sour Garbanzo Beans

This recipe for garbanzo beans definitely stands up for the pleasing sweet and savory taste that so many of us like, and you have also created an undeniable Asian flavored meal with huge health benefits.

Garbanzo Beans which are also known as chickpeas are in the family of “Pulse Crops” and we continue to read articles about the healthy domino effect you can receive when adding pulses to your diet.  Granted we have been growing and eating them for years but, more than ever, science is really beginning to speak out in great favor of these little “superfoods”.  These little beans are full of nutrients and are super affordable too!  They are a kitchen staple to be reckoned with – in a very good way.

Search no more for sweet and sour garbanzo beans because we are certain you will fall head over heels for our Sweet and Sour Garbanzo Bean recipe which we serve over rice.

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Cooking with Garbanzo Bean Tip: By preparing the garbanzo beans ahead of time as suggested, your entire meal could be ready to serve by the time your long grain rice is finished cooking.  And that’s a weeknight dinner made easy!


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