Mexican Lentils & Rice

 Our Mexican Flavored Lentils & Rice really showcase our little brown lentils in this very versatile lentil and rice one pot meal.  We are so about maximizing our efforts in the kitchen whenever possible, and this lentil and rice recipe is really like one dish “wonder”; wait until you see the possibilities that you can unlock with your creativity.  There are so many ways to serve this lentil and rice recipe, it will always look and taste like something new (see serving ideas below to get you started).  So, get excited about the bold and hearty flavors in this lentil and rice recipe.

Starting with our little Pardina brown lentils is one of the greatest decisions you will make when being creative with this lentil and rice recipe.  They are grown to perfection in the amazingly rich soil here in the Pacific Northwest and filled with unbelievable flavor that really comes through.

lentils and rice

This super delicious lentil and rice recipe will light up your taste buds and become one of your favorites, guaranteed.

This lentil and rice one pot recipe is so easy and fast, that you can go right to your pot of water and make it happen quickly.  There is no need to use a slow cooker because you can get this meal on the table in a flash.  We tried using the slow cooker and to be honest, we do not recommend using a slow cooker for this recipe.

The recipe says, “Cover and cook for 25-30 minutes until lentils are tender and all the liquid has been absorbed” so that means, you really need to be in the kitchen and keep an eye on it towards the end of the cooking time so it does not cook dry.


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    Palouse Brand on

    @Doug I would not adjust the time for brown rice.

    Doug on

    How should I adjust this for long grain brown rice?

    Palouse Brand on

    We add that in step 6.

    Erin on

    I’ve made this dish several times in the last few weeks. It’s excellent!

    Nikki on

    Thank you sharing this delicious Mexican Lentil & Rice recipe. I made this for dinner tonight and it was such a tasty & satisfying addition to our dinner. I added diced green onions, fresh chopped cilantro & Chipotle powder. This will make a tasty Burrito filling for tomorrow. Thanks again for the wonderful lentil lentil recipe.

    Lindy L on

    We looooove Palouse lentils!! They are a staple in our household. This looks like a great recipe! Question – when do you add the spices, salsa, parsley, etc? I would guess the spices and salsa go in during the cooking time, so the flavors are absorbed, and then the parsley is added at the end to keep it fresh? I bet cilantro would also be so good with this, instead of parsley. Thanks for the vegan recipe!!

    Michael on

    The cooking instructions do not mention the spices or the salsa – when does that stuff go in?

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