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Garbanzo Bean Butter

Talk about worth a little bit of your time!  Our Nut Free Butter is truly amazing!  You won’t want to miss our nut-free alternative to peanut butter and, this recipe is vegan too!  Looking for a peanut butter alternative for nut allergies has never been easier.  Look no further – you found it right here with our nut-free butter spread.

If you wish to create an extremely delicious and rich recipe then try our peanut free peanut buttery tasting spread.  The smooth texture and rich flavors will cause you to use less than a normal spread so it will literally go further than most spreads.  Oh yes, it has been “kid” tested so, goodbye to other spreads!

We believe healthy eating helps to make happy souls especially first thing in the morning.  Starting the day with a slice of homemade bread with our peanut free peanut butter creamy spread on top will have the family dashing to the kitchen instead of dragging their heals each morning.

If we have one word of warning about our peanut butter substitute for allergies it would be – watch out, our nut-free peanut butter is totally addictive.  Better stock up on garbanzo beans so you can make lots of batches!

garbanzo bean nut butter


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    Robert on

    Thanks for the great suggestion! I love using your garbanzo beans and this is a good idea for substituting peanut butter recipes for an alternative option.

    Taunjia on

    Ghee can not be put in the frig EVER! It gets condensation and then rots! For thousands of years it has been left out at room temperature on a counter or even a back porch with a loose lid to help it breath and NOT CAUSE CONDENSATION.

    Theresa on

    Should it be stored in the refrigerator or cupboard? Thank you

    Alice Ma on

    This recipe is not vegan as stated, as there is ghee in it.

    anna ruth on

    Hello. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Do you know how I should store it and how long it will keep? Thank you

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