cowboy caviar

Chickpea Cowboy Caviar

If you have never tried cowboy caviar before be careful, you are about to become instantly obsessed with this scrumptious blend of “fresh” and yes, we mean it is a field/garden kind of fresh “go to!”  So you ask about the chickpeas, and how can they be “fresh”?  Don’t worry, they are the star of our cowboy caviar and we are going to share how we do it.

As far as we know, there are only two ways to get chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans.  You can purchase the processed ones in the can, or you can process the dry beans in your kitchen which is our style!  The fresher, the better!

There is nothing better than freshly cooked garbanzo beans in any recipe so we have added our Chickpea Preparation instructions below so you can enjoy them the way we do.  Yes, it is a little bit of easy work to prepare them, but well worth it!

Our cowboy caviar recipe is a completely unassuming summery dip that could be confused with chunky salsa or Pico de Gallo, but one small bite will change your mind and hook you for life.   Not only have we served cowboy caviar dip as an appetizer, we have also sat out on the porch on warm summer nights and thoroughly enjoyed our cowboy caviar recipe for super!

The saltiness of the chips combined with the freshness of the tomatoes, the crispness of the peppers, the subtle heat of the jalapeno, the faint hint of lime and garlic…., what else can we say. . . . Oh yes, naturally vegan and gluten-free!

It’s time to prepare those delicious chickpeas, sharpen your knife and get chopping!

cowboy caviar dip


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    Steve on

    Your recipe says “ whisk together olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice,” but red wine vinegar is not listed as an ingredient, nor the amount to use.

    Robert on

    Your recipe says “¾ cup garbanzo beans– prepared (see below)”, but there is nothing to “see below” for preparing the beans.

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