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All About Wheat Berries!

Our Palouse Brand Wheat Berries are incredibly versatile. Keep reading to learn more about each variety, plus the ins and outs of which one to choose. 

We offer four varieties of wheat berries including, Hard White Wheat, Soft White Wheat, Hard Red Spring Wheat, and Hard Red Winter Wheat. All of our wheat berries are Non-GMO certified, Non-Irradiated and Kosher Pareve. Our products are also field traceable, which means, since we are the farmer and the seller, we can give you the exact field location for each bag. 

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Each variety of wheat can serve a different purpose in your kitchen and we've drawn up this comparison chart to help you decide which one to use. 

Palouse Brand's Hard White Wheat is a spring wheat, usually seeded in April. Our Hard White Wheat Berries make a perfect whole wheat flour and amazing bread recipes. Hard White Wheat Berries are best used when leavened with yeast. Some other delicious recipes to test with these wheat berries are pizza crusts, coffee cake, cream of wheat and brownies. 

Along the same thread, our Soft White Wheat is a winter wheat and is commonly seeded in late September. However, unlike the Hard White Wheat it is best used when leavened with baking powder or soda. We love to bake cookies, cakes, muffins and other tasty treats. Best of all Soft White Wheat Berries create a beautiful all-purpose flour. 

Palouse Brand red wheats are just as useable as our white wheats. Our Hard Red Winter Wheat is perhaps our most versatile. While all our wheats will sprout for wheat grass this is our preferred variety to grow wheat grass. Unlike the white wheats the Hard Red Winter Wheat has a nutty, robust flavor and can be easily leavened with yeast or with baking power or soda. We love to use this wheat berry in salads, for breads, and tasty baked goods. 

Our Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries makes an incredible bread flour for whole wheat bread. Of the four wheats, this has the highest protein content at 13%. This is a great quality for those looking for an alternative route to give their bodies their daily dose of protein. They have a bold robust taste, but are useful for not only breads and rolls but salads as well.

As we're headed into the Fall season we are happy to share these Autumn recipes so you can get to work with these wheat berries in your kitchen. 

The first uses our Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries; Autumn Butternut Squash and Wheat Berry Salad. Remember, even though Autumn is in the title of this recipe, there's no reason not to enjoy it year-round!

Fall means football which means parties, and what's a better party snack than chips? These homemade tortilla chips use our Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries ground into flour and since you can roll them to your desired thickness, they're always perfect! 

Like we said earlier, our Hard White Wheat Berries make amazing bread recipes. This whole grain sandwich bread recipe is as tasty as it is practical. Pro-tip: Slice your homemade bread the day after baking!  

Autumn also means the start of the Holiday Season and family gatherings. This shortcake recipe uses flour made from our Soft White Wheat. Best of all, you'll be enjoying this delectable treat in just fifteen minutes from start to finish, which means more family time and less kitchen time.  

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