Recipes for Fall

15 Recipes to Fall Madly in Love With

Fall is one of the most glorious times of year and with it comes outstanding food! While we all the pumpkin spice latte, there is so much more that Fall has to have offer! So we have complied the 21 recipes you need to get the most joy out of the season, because what is food without great food. 

15 Recipes to Fall Madly in Love With

1. Lentil Chili

Oh, so delicious and tasty! The robust tomato flavor is unbelievable. This is the perfect legume meal! This vegetarian chili recipe is gluten-free and will please any crowd whether it be a football crowd or family gathering after apple picking. 

lentil chili

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2. Pumpkin Pie Twists 

These Pumpkin Pie Twists a favorite fall treat, and I can’t wait to make them for my family on Thanksgiving this year. And to keep things super simple, these Pumpkin Pie Twists only have three ingredients; Pillsbury  Crescents®, pure pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice that I got from my favorite store, Wal-Mart.

pumpkin pie twist

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3. Sparkling Apple Pie Cocktail

While great food is important so is are great drinks and nothing is quite as festive or delicious as this cocktail! Keep it simple or dress it up this is sure to be a hit! Plus it features Honey Granules which is a product we have never heard of and they sound like something we should regularly have in our kitchen!

sparkling apple cider cocktail

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4. One Pan Autumn Chicken Dinner

While your enjoying your nice cocktail, whip up this fantastic one pan dinner! It so completely encompass everything that is Fall that if it weren't for tradition it could be the next Thanksgiving meal! It serves four and only takes about forty-five minutes to put together! Prepare to dazzle! 

one pan chicken dinner

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5. Vegan Italian Garbanzo Bean Soup

Fall is soup season and this one for the books! Vegan, dairy and gluten free so you can serve it to almost anyone worry free. This would make the perfect lunch or dinner and the garbanzo beans will keep you full all day. 

garbanzo bean recipe

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6. Caramel Apple Slices

Everyone loves caramel apples, but they are so hard to eat. This invention by Domestically Basic solves the problem beautifully! These slices are gorgeous, easy to eat and give you the perfect ration of goodies to apple! 

caramel apple slices


7. Slow Cooker Cider-Braised Pot Roast

Fall is synonymous with slow cookers and we have to say this one is extra amazing! Mixed in the parsnips and sweet potatoes it take the classic roast and potatoes to a whole new level, hitting many of the great Fall flavors along the way. 

cider braised pork

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If you are looking for a lighter meal this pasta salad is the one for you! It is pasta in a pumpkin poppy seed dressing that uses the right amount of apples, celery and dried fruits. 

autumn pasta salad

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Love desserts but are some of the Fall classics to sweet for you. These pie crust chips and just what you need. You can snack on this all day with no sugar rush, now the delicious cinnamon dip is simply addictive and we can't make the same promise. 

pie chips

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10. Sourdough Bread

Since Fall is the season of soups and stews, this sourdough bread recipe is great to have up your sleeve. It makes the most amazing bread, make a nice loaf or the classic bread bowl! 

sour dough

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11. Caramel Apple Cider


caramel apple cider

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This dessert was thought up by a baking genius! Everyone loves a good cobbler, why not make one using the quintessential Fall ingredient pumpkin? Plus with the Pecans this flavor profile will carry you all the way through until November!

pumpkin pecan cobbler

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13. Green Split Pea Soup 

The famous green split pea soup that we used to carry on our green split pea labels. Unfortunately, with our label redesign last year we couldn’t fit this mouth-watering split pea soup recipe on the back of the bag any longer. Since then, we have received numerous emails asking for our pea soup recipe and now we can share this beloved pea soup with you once again.

green split pea soup

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 14. Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches 

"Sometimes you create a recipe that’s so melt in your mouth –  savor every meaty, cheesy bite – delicious that you get giddy just dreaming of when you can consume it again and you know you will be best friends forever and ever.  These Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches is one of those recipes.  And almost as thrilling as the taste is the fact that it takes all but 5 minutes to prep.  We are already planning on making these for  New Years because they are the best/easiest dinner ever!" - Carls Bad Cravings

french dip

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Pumpkin Cookies are nothing new, but this brown sugar frosting! Now that is something we will have to save for the our grand kids. This combination of a tender pumpkin cookie and the amazing brown sugar frosting, well these might just become a Christmas Cookie as well. 

pumpkin cookie

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