What is clean eating to you?

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Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on May 23, 2018

We are curious to know what clean eating means to you. Does it mean eating vegan, paleo, keeto, non-gmo? Clean eating means alot of different things to different people. For us it means eating whole foods and well balanced meals. We look for Non-GMO project verififed butterfly when shopping and try to support farm to table opportunites whenever we can.  




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  • Evelyn White says...

    Iam born and raised Washington state old girl transplanted to Missouri. Thought I would try the wheat berries. I know the soil is good there. Wow mixed them with rice in rice cooker . Love love love them ! Just ordered the garbanzo bean flour and lentils. I can hardly stand the wait !

    On January 09, 2019

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