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The Best Chocolate Brownies from Scratch

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 05, 2021

Right out of the baking dish and our extra finicky relative is raving!  Our brownies from scratch are truly a hit and we could not be more proud.  Our lentil recipes passed every taste test with flying colors! Watch out because these brownies are dark, extra rich in flavor, and have a creamy texture you will love! We really like to share lentil recipes that bring lentil nutrition to our bodies, outstanding flavor to our taste buds, and contentment and satisfaction.  Legumes aren’t just for savory dishes anymore—they’re part of...

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Thai Chickpea Pizza with Pizza Crust Recipe

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on November 30, 2020

Are you looking for a new, fresh recipe to try this week? This Thai inspired Chickpea Pizza might be just what you are looking for! It features a great pizza dough that makes the best pizza crust! Completely free of meat and dairy, it is packed full of flavor! In this recipe, our garbanzo beans are tossed with plum sauce, thinly sliced sweet peppers and spicy red onions. Once out of the oven, it is finished with peanut sauce, fresh green onion, and cilantro. All of this is served on...

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Easy Vegan Whole Wheat Bread

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on September 06, 2017

Our easy vegan whole wheat bread is scrumptiously delicious!  Homemade vegan bread recipes are so easy to make, you can put your teenagers to work in the kitchen.  For one thing, our easy vegan bread recipe takes very little kneading and it is a perfect way to introduce others how to make vegan bread. This simple recipe for vegan bread is naturally filled with taste bud tantalizing wholeness based upon using high quality non-GMO milled grains. The texture is light and smooth as can be.  Once you taste our simple...

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Hearty Wheat Berry Bread

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on August 09, 2017

Our hearty wheat berry bread is really all about double the flavor, double the fun.  Wait, what is wheat berry bread all about?  Honestly, it is about using flour made from the best quality freshly milled wheat berries, nothing added and nothing taken away, and then kneading some fresh whole wheat berries into your loaves of bread.  We call that a “double”! Using wheat berries in bread gives your loaf(s) a random, delightful, chewy crunch and an extra burst of flavor.  Who doesn’t like a little extra crunch and burst...

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Perfect Whole Wheat Honey Dinner Rolls

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 10, 2017

We are super excited to unleash our perfect whole wheat honey dinner rolls right before the holidays this year.  In keeping with our tradition of milling our own grains, here you go; YUM is an understatement if we may say so ourselves! Our hard white wheat berry is perfect for these homemade yeast rolls. The honey gives these yeast rolls a little extra sweetness and makes it very difficult to eat just one. Our homemade yeast rolls are very light and airy, just like they should be.  Couple that with...

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Delectable Coffee Cake Recipe

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on December 20, 2016

Here it is – your al fresco breakfast coffee cake recipe.  Sweet, light, buttery and ready for all your holiday guests, special gatherings, or whenever you have a hankering.  Our easy recipe for coffee cake will have you thinking about eating it the moment you step out of bed in the morning.  The Greek yogurt definitely makes a good contribution to the texture we think you will notice. We have eaten coffee cake throughout our lives but we have to say, baking with freshly milled flour really does “take the...

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Easy Sandwich Bread

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on June 17, 2016

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread American sandwich bread has proven to be a classic! Although it seems like there are an endless variety of sandwich loaves available at grocery stores, nothing beats a sandwich loaf made at home. The loaf only gets better when baked from our fresh milled wheat berries! American sandwich bread has a tight, tender crumb. It is baked in loaf pans that produce a slightly domed, golden crust. There are a variety of sandwich bread recipes available today because of how versatile this bread can be!...

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Maple Bacon Donuts

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on April 25, 2016

We believe the nutrition of whole grain flour should extend beyond your typical “healthy” recipes. There is no reason to reserve the fiber and nutritional value of the whole wheat berry to certain recipes. We challenge you to try whole wheat flour in all of your baking. To start this challenge, we are providing you a recipe for whole wheat maple bacon donuts. Whole wheat flour is typically thought to be dense and have too much bran for the tender, light, and airy donuts we all love. However, whole wheat...

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Authentic Cream of Wheat

Recipe posted by Palouse Brand on November 20, 2015

We are  excited to share with you guys our cream of wheat recipe on the brand new blog! Our hope is that this blog will give you great recipes that will showcase inventive and creative ways to use our products. As well as give you the tools you need to be successful with more traditional uses. We are constantly striving to provide you with the best products we can and now we want to provide you with the best ways to use them! We hope you enjoy this blog and...

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