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Palouse Brand is a family-owned and vertically-integrated 125+ year old farm that grows, processes, packages, and ships legumes and grains directly to customers. 

Straight from our Fields

We provide customers with field location, photos, and harvest dates on their foods. Our foods are Certified Non-GMO, Desiccant-Free and Certified Sustainable Grown.

The Highest Standards

We are certified food safe. Our foods rise above our competitors by ensuring our products are triple cleaned in an FDA approved, food safe environment. 

Farming for the Future

We believe in preserving our natural resources and treating them with care - growing crops that naturally add nitrogen naturally back into the soils. We look at every input from our farming to our packaging with the climate in mind.

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Clear Creek by Palouse Brand

In 2020 we brought you Clear Creek by Palouse Brand to further expand our product line. We partnered with our neighboring farmers to bring you the same high quality foods grown in the Pacific Northwest.  We will continue to expand our locally sourced farm foods.

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